Smarter Defense for Today's Cyber Landscape

Transform firewall protection from policy-based filtering to active detection & prevention

From Security policies to Active Detection & Prevention

Revive analyzes and maps all network activities and utilizes unique behavior analysis algorithms to recognize anomalies, detect the malicious activities behind them, and mitigate the risk. Based on extensive industry knowledge and experience, these algorithms enhance network protection from the IP to the application layer. By automating threat response and filtering alerts, the Revive platform go beyond securing the network to relieve cyber security teams of many tedious network protection tasks.

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At ReviveSec, we prioritize cybersecurity for our clients by using advanced threat intelligence tools that automatically monitor network behavior, proactively detect and prevent attacks, and stay ahead of evolving threats. These tools, combined with our team of experienced experts, ensure our clients' sensitive data remains secure, and they can trust us to protect their valuable information.

Revive Cloud

Revive Cloud's ability to connect and integrate with external threat intelligence sources is instrumental in facilitating organizations' access to current and comprehensive information regarding cyber activities. By establishing connections with a broad range of external threat intelligence feeds, Revive Cloud ensures that organizations receive the most recent insights, trends, and indicators related to potential cyber threats.

Proactive Health Check

Revive's proactive health check module is the ultimate solution for ensuring the long-term health and performance of your Check Point security devices. With this innovative tool, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your firewalls are continuously monitored with real-time tests that detect any existing or potential malfunctions. Plus, you'll receive instant alerts and automatic remediation if any issues are identified. This means no more worrying about slow performance, or other issues. With Revive, you can rest assured that your security device is running at its best and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Proprietary innovative Technology

Revive's state-of-the-art algorithm is specifically designed to detect and prevent cyber-attacks with unparalleled accuracy. Through a rigorous testing process, this algorithm has proven to be highly effective in catching and blocking up to 98% of all cyber threats. This level of protection provides customers with a real and tangible value proposition, as they can rest assured that their valuable data and sensitive information is being safeguarded against potential cyber-attacks. In a world where cybercrime is becoming increasingly prevalent, Revive's commitment to providing top-notch cybersecurity solutions is a testament to their dedication to keeping their clients safe and secure. 

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The Hacker Hunt

By continuously analyzing the intricate attack cycle and gaining insights into the various steps cybercriminals take to infiltrate an organization's networks and data stores, Revive can proactively detect and prevent cyber-attacks. With this approach, Revive can stay one step ahead of hackers and safeguard our customers' sensitive data from potential breaches. Our cybersecurity strategy involves a combination of advanced threat intelligence tools and experienced cybersecurity experts who work together to identify and counteract emerging cyber threats.

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