Proactive Security Health Check

Check Point Proactive Health-Check

One of the best solution for real-time security device monitoring including root-cause analysis and automatic remediation

Health Check module

Offers a comprehensive Health Check module that goes beyond SNMP, providing deep analysis and proactive fault detection for security devices. It quickly identifies specific issues without downtime or false positives, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Revive provides clear instructions for issue remediation, empowering administrators with knowledge of the implications. It enables organizations to proactively address security vulnerabilities and ensure device stability.

Unlock valuable insights for your network

Revive offers a comprehensive gateway visibility solution, providing real-time data and detailed information for quick issue identification and resolution.

It addresses customer dissatisfaction with security vendors by providing a robust statistics module that offers a complete view of gateway throughput, including searchable history. Users can drill down to detailed information about top sources, destinations, and services.

Revive's statistics module enables valuable insights, root cause identification, and accurate conclusions for network troubleshooting, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

The power of a smart API

Revive empowers security administrators to effortlessly connect to the Check Point API and perform various tasks without requiring any coding or scripting expertise such as:

Data uploads with ease.

Revive's advanced upload sensors protect against internal vulnerabilities by monitoring data transfers and promptly detecting any unauthorized activities. It issues alerts and blocks illicit transfers, ensuring the security of sensitive information and mitigating the risk of data breaches. Revive's comprehensive security measures fortify corporate asset protection and uphold the integrity of confidential data.

IPS Analyzer

Enabling the IPS blade is crucial for protecting against application layer attacks. However, if a single signature causes significant slowdown out of a pool of 6000 signatures, it's important to track and address the issue. With tools like Revive, administrators can monitor IPS performance, identify the problematic signature, and take necessary action to optimize performance. This ensures both security and network efficiency without the need to roll back configurations, helping regain customer trust in the IPS blade.

Cluster comparison

In a cluster configuration, maintaining consistent configurations across modules is vital to avoid service failures during transitions. Revive offers an intelligent configuration checking and comparison feature specifically designed for clusters. It actively detects and addresses inconsistencies, ensuring stability and reliability. By utilizing Revive, organizations can mitigate potential issues, optimize service delivery, and enhance operational efficiency.

Revive audit

Revive's smart command auditing filters out harmless commands and prioritizes major actions like modifications and data deletion. This enhances network security and ensures compliance. By reducing noise, Revive streamlines the auditing process, allowing focus on critical actions. Detailed information is documented in the report for analysis and investigation. The report serves as a valuable resource for monitoring security, identifying threats, and meeting compliance requirements. Revive's approach strengthens security and promotes regulatory adherence, providing peace of mind and accountability.

Reliable backups

The importance of having a valid backup cannot be overstated. In this regard, Revive plays a vital role by guaranteeing a reliable and secure repository for network data backups. It achieves this by validating backup files, ensuring their integrity, and verifying their availability for seamless access when needed.

Revive goes beyond mere backup storage by offering smart tools that facilitate effortless and intuitive data restoration processes. These tools minimize downtime during the restoration process, allowing organizations to swiftly recover critical data and resume normal operations.

With Revive's comprehensive backup management capabilities, organizations can rest assured knowing that their network data is securely backed up and readily accessible. The smart tools provided by Revive simplify the restoration process, reducing the impact of data loss incidents and helping organizations maintain business continuity effectively.