Proactive Security Health Check

Check Point Proactive Health-Check

One of the best solution for real-time security device monitoring including root-cause analysis and automatic remediation

Revive has a comprehensive algorithm that includes hundreds of tests,
revealing future and existing faults and alerts before something malfunctions. We are much more profound and in-depth than SNMP. We provide an innovative, efficient, and productive approach to stabilizing your security devices. In addition to that, Revive has a compelling module that can identify particular issues and fix them on-the-fly without causing any downtime, cluster failover, or false positive. Revive will not remediate uncertain matters; instead, it will give a list of instructions and explanations of how to remediate, and what is the
implication for such behavior.

Often, there are complaints by the customer side about their security vendor simply because they do not have the whole picture and the tools on the network side, to investigate and come up with an accurate conclusion. In many cases where professional engineers study the root-cause analysis of a specific problem, their findings are not necessarily pinpointed to the security vendors. Revive statistics module is a perfect way how to see the gateway throughput at any given moment, search for information related to throughput history, and most importantly can drill down with detail information to the top sources, destination, and services.

Revive's API allows security admins to automatically connect to the Check Point
API to do the following:
In a utopian world, your employees understand the importance of information protection
and work within your policies. In the real world, sometimes some of your employees will not work under the company policy, or worse than that, when there is a real risk that hackers will be hacked into the organization and will smartly upload sensitive information outside the internet. A week later you realize your enterprise's confidential information was leaked outside. Revive data uploader sensors can detect such uploads in many ways and can either alert or alert and blocked them.

Application layer attacks emerge endlessly, and therefore, it is essential to activate the IPS blade. But what if the company enabled the IPS and suddenly your gateway is starting to work slowly? Maybe a single signature is causing the load, out of 6000 signatures? How do I track that signature? In the absence of the right tools to understand the reason for that slowness, most companies won't have the tolerance to keep that blade up and running and will roll back to the previous configuration. Apart from the frustration and the fact the organization is not secure, it will be challenging to regain the customer's trust to reactivate that blade again.

In a cluster configuration where there are at least two modules, all configurations should be the same and consistent – if not, once the standby member will become active, certain services will not work and therefore it is important to have an intelligent tool that will consistently check and compare the configuration.

Revive is using a smart approach to auditing commands, admin users
are executing. Informative commands will be ignored, while major commands
like modifying/changing and deleting will be audited in a detailed report.
It is crucial to have a valid backup. Revive allows the option to have a reliable copy
in a secure repository. During the process, Revive will validate the backup files and make sure that they are available to restore. We offer a variety of ways to
restore effortlessly and intuitively.