Revive Cyber Security

Look At Their Behavior, Know Their Intent

The Revive platform centers around our Behavior Analysis (BA) module that enables users to detect cyberattack attempts and prevent them before they gain access. Designed to automatically find behavioral anomalies in every layer of the network from IP to application layer, the platform can identify zero-day attacks that have not yet been addressed by any other security solution, as well as high-volume and below-the-radar, zero-footprint attacks

Zero FootPrint attacks

Zero-footprint attacks are difficult to identify and block as they involve long-term, under-the-radar operations. During these attacks, hackers preform low-volume sampling of the target environment over the course of days, weeks, and even months, looking to gather ample information about the target’s operation system, applications, and vulnerabilities. Our behavior analysis module uses AI and BI algorithms to identify such attacks early on, and immediately block them.

Hacking team

In some cases, a group of hackers will join forces for a worthwhile task, mainly to improve the chances of penetrating a specific organization through a group of tools and expertise. In most cases, they will try to attack from the same domain or correlated network. Revive has the independently appropriate capabilities to identify such attacks, to alert and block in real-time. 

Imminent Threat Protection – Key Threats

Revive Top Algorithm

Malicious IP Passing through

Identify and preventing cyber attacks which are not identified and blocked by the company security cyber tools

Zero Foot-Print Attack

Recognize 'below the radar’ attacks that use statistical analysis to detect system weaknesses and prevent hacker penetration.

SYN Flood

Detect SYN and DoS attacks launched from within the organization, as well as external attacks on internal resources.

Http Session Analysis

In-depth analysis of HTTP sessions, including methods and headers, and a unique blocking technique.

Smart Algorithms Backed By Extensive Cyber Experience & In-Depth Industry Knowledge


Fast Response

Advance automation and deep network analysis enable anomalies detection and threat identification in nearly real-time.


High Catch Rate

Proprietary algorithms block attacks at an astounding catch rate of 98% with immediate mitigation on Check Point, Fortigate, and Palo Alto devices.


Increased Visibility

Recent cyber security measures have increased complexity, making it crucial for the cyber team to have full visibility and transparency at all times

Main Platform Modules

Enables fast identification of trusted activities to recognize malicious ones, whether they originate from within or outside the LAN, using proprietary algorithms.