Your Firewall, Now smarter

Transform firewall protection from policy-based filtering to active detection & prevention

From Security policies to Active Detection & Prevention

Revive analyzes and maps all network activities and utilizes unique behavior analysis algorithms to recognize anomalies, detect the malicious activities behind them, and mitigate the risk. Based on extensive industry knowledge and experience, these algorithms enhance network protection from the IP to the application layer. By automating threat response and filtering alerts, the Revive platform go beyond securing the network to relieve cyber security teams of many tedious network protection tasks.

"If you really look closely, most overnight
successes took a long time."

Steve Jobs

Find their 'Tell'

By monitoring network behavior and identifying both trusted and malicious activities, Revive is able to close every "backdoor" that hackers could use to gain access into the network and exploit customers’ sensitive and valuable information.

Proactive Health Check

Revive’s proactive health check module continuously preforms hundreds of tests to monitor real-time security devices and reveal existing and future malfunctions. Identified issues generate alerts, as well as undergo root-cause analysis and automatic remediation.

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Proprietary Innovative Technology

Revive's unique algorithm catch and block 98% of cyber-attacks, providing customers with real value. 

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The Hacker Hunt

By thoroughly understanding the complex attack cycle and the various steps hackers go through to access customers’ environments and gain access to their sensitive data, we are able to detect and prevent the attacks.

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