Behind the (Fire)Walls

ReviveSec was established in 2021 by experts in the field of firewall security with over two decades of experience in complex networking, applications, and security. We recognized the technological gaps that are serving the malicious agendas of hackers, and created the optimal platform to block them. We leveraged our expertise in firewall automation, to develop a real-time detection, identification, and prevention platform that recognizes and blocks cyber threats and malicious activities within and outside our users’ networks. 

Dedicated to Excellence

Alongside our unwavering commitment to the quality of our products, which are disrupting the cyber security market and showing success rates of approximately 98%, we are committed to providing the ultimate service experience. We strongly believe that the best approach to building a trust-based partnership with our customer, is providing the best service we can. And that is the standard we are committed to. We act as our customers’ trusted and professional consultants, always happy to receive requests and address them as we continue to develop and improve our products.

Why ReviveSec

  • Top expertise and in-depth market knowledge
  • Strong professional skill set, including coding, automation, DevOps and more.
  • Vast experience operating within customers’ environments and addressing security challenges.
  • Dedicated technical support to assist in customization and ongoing operation of the platform.