The significance of a secondary Geo location

Highlighting the Significance of Geo-location in Live Field Events

During a recent live event from the field, an alert was triggered by Revive, indicating unauthorized access from a malicious IP into the customer's environment. Revive acted swiftly and effectively by blocking the request based on two crucial factors: the IP's origin from Iran and its suspicious behavioural patterns, accurately identified through Revive's advanced algorithm.

After conducting a thorough investigation, it came to our attention that the firewall's GEO location was not up-to-date. As a result, the IP address from Iran was erroneously interpreted as originating from Europe, leading to a failure in correlating the events as suspicious.

Revive's automatic GEO location update and real-time Up2date feature come to the rescue in such situations. By providing customers with a secondary GEO location, we ensure the availability of precise and reliable information. This exceptional capability significantly enhances security measures and effectively shields against potential threats during live field events.

Our commitment to delivering innovating security solutions remains steadfast, ensuring our customers' peace of mind even in the face of ever-evolving challenges.