Revive Version 5.7.8

I am delighted to announce the introduction of Version 5.7.8, which brings an array of exciting enhancements to the Anomaly advance rules. Here is a glimpse of the expanded capabilities that this version offers.

Introducing Enhanced Rule Creation for Multiple Sources and Destinations:

An advanced rule-creation capability that empowers users to incorporate multiple sources and destinations into their network policies. This enhancement provides a heightened level of flexibility, allowing for more precise control over specific connections and facilitating improved rule management.

Enhanced Precision with the Negate Option (Except):

With the new "negate" option, users can create rules with greater efficiency and accuracy. For instance, it enables the setup of rules that alert or block all external connections except those utilizing HTTP and HTTPS protocols. This ensures that only authorized and secure connections are permitted, enhancing overall network security.

Seamless Integration of GEO Location Mechanism with Cloud API:

By seamlessly integrating Revive’s cloud API, the module now offers an up-to-date GEO location database. This powerful feature enables users to effortlessly block connections originating from or destined for specific countries with a simple click. Additionally, it facilitates the implementation of customized policies based on geographic location, such as varying SYN attack response policies for different regions.

Flexible Blocking Method Control:

Users now have the ability to control the blocking method according to their specific network security requirements. The update allows them to choose whether to block the source, destination, or both ends of a connection. This newfound flexibility ensures that blocking actions align precisely with their desired security measures.