Revive Community server (CS)

I'm excited to update you on our latest progress at Revive. Our new cloud-based community server (CS) is now available and already provides real value to Revive’s customers in their daily cybersecurity efforts.

One of the key benefits of this new feature is that it's completely automatic. Based on threat intelligent feeds, the CS server receives every hour up to 500,000 malicious IPs that have attacked in the last 24 hours with very high confidence, it shares this information with Revive customers' servers through their local database.

This new feature provides the following benefits:

- IP addresses that have been reported as malicious - For example, an IP address that has been identified as the source of a DDoS attack or even worst, a ransomware attack.
- Domain names that have been associated with malicious activity. For example, a domain that is being used to host a phishing site or a command and control server for a botnet.
- Every connection from the internet to the customer's site will be checked against those malicious IPs. Every match will be immediately monitored and blocked
- Very important! every connection from on-premises outside the organization towards suspicious Ips will be monitored, alerted, and even blocked.

This new feature, makes Revive's solution even stronger than before, providing customers with greater protection against cyber threats. This is particularly important in today's world, where cyber attacks are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and frequent.

I'd be happy to schedule a demo or a meeting to discuss it in more detail. During this session, we can explore how this new feature can be integrated with the company existing cybersecurity solutions to provide more comprehensive protection.

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new development.